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 Seal Peel is Anti-corrosive packing  materials

               SEAL  PEEL COMPOUND
Heated dip type,  strippable plastic

                                Rust Prevention Film  

                Plastics Compound                     Dipping Operations

  Seal Peel Compound is strippable plastic produced by mixing

              various kinds of chemicals, oils and fats with synthetic resin and

              adjusting them and the product is solid.

                   When it is used, it is heated and melted. The object article is dipped

             into melted seal peel compound to form a film.

             It is a perfect epochmaking  anticorrosive packing material which

              perfectly fulfills two major purposePreservation and Packingfor

              the product in place of conventional threestep packing using oils ,

                   paper and cardboard box (or wooden box).

                 Almost all demand for seal peel compound inJapan was met by

                     imported goods. Butas a result of our incessant research and study,

                 our new product passed the strict performance test specified in the

                 U.S.packing standard
  MILP149A ,Type Ⅰ.

                    We started to manufacture products which surpass the international

                 level for the first time as home products.

                 Our products are generally admitted to be the best seal peel compound

 in all respects of quality , production technique and equipment.


  Special  Features

                  Seal Peel is solid strippable plastic and has two kinds;

                   perfect transparent and semitransparent.

                   The product is melted in a tank, heating and constant temperature bath.

                   If an article to be packed is dipped into such melted liquid and taken

                   out  immediately, films are simply formed as the original form

                   and perfect packing is completed.

                   The Seal Peel processed article can sufficiently resist against rust,

                  erosion, mold, green rust moisture, oxidation, damage, water

                    penetration, sulfur mist , wear , impact, sea breeze and brine, etc.,

                  and has a highelectrical insulation. Besides,it will not be damaged

                       even if it is roughly handled because the films are elastic.

                    Moreover, as the films are transparent and the article can be seen  

                  through,it is not necessary tounpack before use or to strip films

                   so as to investigate components  storedor preserved.

When the article is used , the films can be as simply stripped as

                    a banana skin is peeled.

                   As compared with conventional packing, the Seal Peel has saving in  

                  labour and time reduction of space and weight for transportation and

                   many other advantages.

                    Seal Peel`s KindsPDFSeal Peels grades.pdf

                         To meet various applications , it is available in five kinds;   

      SD3A   (Brown color , perfect transparent )
    SP25    (Brown color, semi  transparent )
 MILP149A, Type 1, Standard product
    ED7    (Light brown color, semitransparent )
    AR1    (Light Blue color, perfect transparent )
    Seal Mask   (White color, opacity )  especially for plating


                   SD3A         ED7          SP25 
                                                                        MIL-P-149A Type I



           AR1            Peeled State           Sael mask

                       How to use

                          ( perfect anticorrosive packing material which can be immediately
                          packed and stripped.)


                      First, put Seal Peel cut into pieces in a melting tank, in which indirect

                      heating can be done. As Seal Peel is very slow in heat conduction,

                           melt it while gradually raising the temperature. Gradually raise the

                      melting temperature, from 100
for 30 minutes, to 130 for 30

                      minutesand then to 180

                The flow chart of the work to Seel Peel


                     Switch on a tank  ② Prepared for Seal Peel   ③Put Seal Peel cut into piece in
                                                                                                                          a melting tank



                     Sets a thermostat for      ⑤It does a lid       It opens a lid above and
                       180℃~190℃                    it waits for it 2 hours          it pickles a part for 10 seconds



                      It is possible to do preservation 
                         if drawing up slowly within 60 seconds.                      

                      After packing ,the film can always be easily peeled off 

 the temperature is rapidly raised, the  Seal Peel is deteriorated
                    and damaged, and loses the effect by half.

                    Carefully keep the temperature in the tank under 200

                    It is ideal to equip the tank with a thermostat so as to keep within
                          the specified temperature limit.

                    The thermostat always keeps the fixed temperature to enable
                     continuous film forming with a fixed thickness.

                    2. How to dip 

                     Clean the surface of the packed articleremove oil and dirt,dip it
                     into the solution in the tank and immediately take it out.

                     The article is packed with 0.8 to 2 mm thick compound film within the

                      specified time
1 to 2 minutesand the hardened film is adheres in

                           30 to 40 seconds.An article with holes or clearance is preferably
                      wrappedwith aluminum foil before dipping.


                     Dipping Operation                           Peeled State

               3. Cautions 

                    1.     The surface of the packed article shall be cleaned.

                    2.     Dipping time depends more or less on the size.

                    3.     If abnormal white smoke is emitted from Seal Peel  liquid, it means

                     that the temperature exceeds the specified limit.

                          Immediately adjust the heating article.

                    4.     Do not dip any heated article.

                    5.     Do not rapidly melt it is at a high temperature.

                    6.     Dehumidify any porous article or any damp article before dipping. 

                    7.     When bubbles generate from the dipped article, change the dipping angle.

                    8.     When bubbles are seen in the melted liquid, heated it for a while

  bubbles disappear.


                                       Seal  peel  compound   “Hot”

                       General performance                        

  Appearance                               perfect transparent / semitransparent                             
  Specific gravity    1.13 very light 1.0 to 1.15 
  Elongation       70 to 150%
  Tensile strength    18.0 kgc to 38.0kgc
 Melting point      120 to 130
 Heating limit      200
  Ignition point          280
  Operating temperature      160 to 190
  Heat conductivity        0.00017
   500about 70 cof 1.0 mm thick                      compound
    Chemical characteristic
   chemical  resistance

  (acid, alkali and alcohol )
    Not  affected
    Grease and oil resistance       Not  affected
    Organic solventthinner    Dissolved
    Dielectric strength
 for 0.8mm thickness
   Endures 2.300 V AC and DC. 
   Pressure resistance
for 0.8 mm thickness
     Endures 250kg/c㎡


                         1.        Use by heating . 

                         2.       Excellent chemical resistance.

                         3.        Excellent water proofness and salt water resistance. 

                         4.       Excellent elasticity.

                         5.       Thick film forming by one dipping process.

                         6.        Excellent corrosion preventive property.

                         7.        Intoxic.     



                   1.         Reduced packing cost.

                      2.        Easy removal and immediate use.

                      3.         Perfect anticorrosion because of oozing oil.

                      4.         Reduction in weight.

                      5.        Prevention of defective packing( for export

                      6.        Capability of repeated use.

                      7.         No other packing materials required.

                      8.        Easy inspection.                9. Easy operation. 

                      10. Quick operation.                  11. Reduced packed size.

                  12. Dimensions number ,  etc. visible from outside.

                  13. Protection from damage and wear during transportation.

                      14. No strain from heating.

                  15. Convenience for storage of goods.


                        1.   Corrosion prevention and protection from damage.

                          Corrosion prevention of components tools, jigs of vehicles,
-craftslooms automobiles as well as other general machine components.

                         Protection of various metal components , polished metal surfaces,

                         plated surface , gears, cutters, hobs, nozzles plunger drills , dies,

                         reamer taps , instruments, gauges , slide calipers, micro meter

                         bits and diamonds tools.


                         Insulation and protection of electronic components.

                          3.  Plating

                                It is used in finishing of plating because of its insulating.


                              Machinery and equipment of various kings which are likely to be

                        damaged by sea water and sea breeze.

                     5.  Storage of components .

                        Perfect storage of various goods and components.

                         Seal Peel is most suitable for export packing.

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 SEAL PEEL COMPOUND   Various kinds

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